Friday, July 29, 2011

Start of a New Painting

I've had this idea for a painting for a couple of months now, and today I finally did a sketch to maybe map it out and think about what I want to do. No, I will not tell you exactly what it is.

I will tell you that it has to do with the diary of one of my favorite saints, and it's predominant colors will be red and green. It will most likely be quite dark in the background, seeing as most my paintings are, whether I plan them that way or not. More or less. I like to start dark, and add light and color gradually.
    I know I kind of gave it all away, seeing as there are very few saint's diaries.
     I have no idea if this will even resemble the composition I end up with, but I wanted to get some ideas down on paper. I don't know what medium I will use either; I know I want to use color, but I'm not sure if I'll use my usual acrylics, or watercolor. Maybe I will do a few versions over time. I most likely will, seeing as it is one of my favorite painting ideas I've thought of. I am actually quite surprised no one else has thought of it- especially when you consider how popular this saint is.  It's something she herself thought of! I was reading the passage, and she actually described an image herself that I think is amazing! I'm kind of excited that I haven't seen another painting of it. Could I actually come up with an original masterpiece? We'll see. If not now, then maybe someday when I have acquired more skill.
      Anyway, this drawing only reveals half the concept; and so I am risking displaying it, and having it stolen, before I even start painting. I know you will be holding your breathe in anticipation of this painting- but don't hold it too long! I am a slow worker these days.
     Good night! The last of the Harry Potter books calls for a bit of reading before bed!

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