Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sketchbook Tour

I decided to do a little sketchbook tour of what I have in my current sketchbook. It's.... a bit scary actually. But, I know I love spying on other's sketchbooks, so, I am going to indulge you. A bit. I won't show EVERYTHING... my camera is less than ideal, and I do want to sleep some tonight. But I will let you have a bit of a peek- consider yourself highly favored. Maybe I will do this again down the road, and I pray you (and I) will detect something resembling improvement. :)

Well, apparently I can't just group them all together..... This could be special. This is going to be a very looooooooooooooooooooonnnnnngggggggggggg post.
Sometimes I tape reference photos inside to work on from time to time

Bright Star cover.. and my own critique notes...
Apparently the photos have a mind of their own in regards to their placement? Sigh... so annoying. Is it just me? Yeah.. it's gotta be me.
Princess Out of Bed plans..

I can put words here! Interesting.
A bit of Last Airbender there. I LOVE that show so very much!

"Mummy" drawing around the form.
Maybe in the future, both my drawing AND my blogging layout skills will be better. Reach for the stars, Mary!
Been practicing a bit of anime style lately...

Balsa from Moribito:Guardian of the Spirit... Such a good anime and novel. :)

<-- This area looks awkward. 

More words! Oh blogger you are so accommodating.
A kind of gesture drawing of Eliza Dolittle while watching My Fair Lady.

Contour practice.

A quick Dr. Who fandom.

Not my original design... and I cannot find where it came from! Grr.

Drawn outside in nature. I felt very... refined doing it? There was a baby deer behind me.

More nature!
It's like I am playing tag with where I can figure out I can put words...

From a book cover at work (the library) during lunch break. 
More words? Huh. This looks awful. 
Boring but important quick gesture drawings.

There you have it. It's late, and I am tired, but I am glad to share this. I really need to start a new painting project or something, and not JUST sketch around. 

Maybe the next tour will be amazing.

Still crossing my fingers about art school this Fall. My financial aid with all it's power to give and take has not arrived yet... Waiting waiting waiting.

God bless!