Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry and Hedwig!

What you guys don't know about Harry Potter is that he stole Hedwig from me.... when I was living in Ireland..... on the coast with my wild ponies and painting studio. But I still drew him out of the goodness of my heart.

    One of my favorite activities for a Sunday afternoon these days seems to be taking a movie I have seen, and drawing from it- especially if it has cute little kids in it. Yesterday I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I tried drawing Ron- but it wasn't ideal, and I cropped him out of the picture to the left. I will have to draw him some other time. Besides, I got distracted drawing the picture below. Once I  can across that scene, I had to stop all I was doing and draw it! It's such a pretty movie! I love the snow parts! I love snow! (just shows how, again, Hedwig is my owl, and should be returned to me)
I am trying to fill up space so I can get to the next picture. 
It's not working.

Oh look at that- how did that extra space get there? 

By the way, I have started the fourth Harry Potter book, and it's only been about two weeks. I will have this done and the last movie watched before you know it! But then I will be sad.... oh well, just can't win. 
   Yay! Now we can get to the next picture! 

          Aren't they cute? Isn't the lighting lovely! I enjoyed myself with this one- and I put in a bit more time on it than I usually do while watching a movie/drawing. 
    Quote time. 

"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." -Pope John Paul II

"Literature and fiction are two entirely different things. Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity."- G.K. Chesterton  

I found that last quote on facebook of all places. I would like to read the rest of what he had to say on the subject someday, but for now the quote will do.
    Oh, ran across Brenna the kitty yesterday, doing her usual thing: sleeping anywhere that most people (or kitties) would not. She always does this! This is actually a rather comfortable place to find her sleeping.

LOAD ALREADY! I have a book to read!

Mischief managed.


  1. I love it!!!!!!The drawing of Harry and Hedwig is so cute!!!!!

  2. Poor Ron, he's never ideal, and now he gets cropped out of a picture!

    The Harry/Hedwig sketch is delightful! The light coming through the windows is perfect.

    If you're looking for the Chesterton quote, it comes from The Defendant which, for us ebook people, can be found here: Hope that helps!

  3. Aw! I love Ron! So much that I wasn't willing to post a picture of him that didn't do him proper justice! I tried to draw him so many times (the actor)- but he's got such a complicated fascinating face. I will get him done someday. :)
    Thanks so much! I love it when the drawing I never planned to amount to anything come back and surprise me. This one has been one of my more popular ones on deviant art. Gives me such fuzzy feelings.
    And thanks so much for the link! You are a smashingly brilliant life saver! :)

  4. Heyy.... there's a weird scribble above Harry's head that looks like a twig suspended in mid air... why do I not see these things until after I scan and upload!? I spose you could say it was Harry's homework, and he just chose to keep the twig suspended. Or it's someone jinxing him....

  5. Oh my goodness. The owl in the first picture is ADORABLE. So fluffy and owl-like! *TACKLE GLOMPS OWL*