Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Art School Updates and New Blog

So, I know this blog basically doesn't exist anymore... I never post.

And I know you're used to excuses.

But my move to Nashville and start of art school was kind of a crash landing. It's been a long process of  regaining my balance since... especially after being sick.

So, I don't remember, to be honest, how much I've told you guys about this blog and it's beginnings... I initially started it to be a kind of companion. I was very sick with fibromyalgia, POTS, dysautonomia, EDS... so many things... the name depends on the specialists really.... Anyways, I basically stopped drawing, reading, or any activity really. It was a fight. I wanted something to help. Anything. This blog was something I used. It was a kind of desperate measure, thus the extremity of the URL name. (Heh, obviously I NEVER exaggerate...)

Anyway, that time has for the most part passed. I will probably always be sick, but I've fought like hell, quite honestly, and the worst seems to have passed. That, and my life and art school is making progress.

So I am wondering if I still need this blog? I started a newer one- one more clean and professional that I would send people to who don't know me and just want to see my work.

But I kinda like this one... it's got a certain what's-it? Spunk? Ridiculousness mixed with charm? Besides, it's where Edwin my mouse was conceived of, who I still illustrate and want to make a blog or even book for someday...

Do y'all want this blog to go on? I think I will leave it for now... we will see what happens...

In the mean time, here is the new one:

Here are some pieces from my past year at art school. Yes, I finished a whole year... with a 4.0 GPA no less ;)

Have mercy on the digital pieces... I never touched a computer for art before school. Although, I never thought I'd catch on to some things like I have, which is a relief.

Frodo Baggins birth announcement project for a typography class.

Quote Project for a typography class.

Project for a perspective class. Notice Edwin my mouse. :)

Another one for perspective class.

Project for perspective class.

My first Photoshop painting using brushes.

A project for Adobe Illustrator class.

Project using Adobe Illustrator.

Logo for a graphic design class.

corporate stationery for a graphic design class.

Part of a menu project using Adobe Illustrator.