Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26th, 2011: McDonalds, Coffee, And Drawing.

    So I went to TN to visit my lovely friend from waay back during my model horse playing days. :) I had a blast as I always do- complete with anime, Opry Mills, an introduction to Firefly and Dr. Who and Dance Dance Revolution, and lots of shopping and coffee and talking in between.
    We went to McDonald's one day for lunch, and we drew each other while I drank coffee. It was really fun actually.
    Here's is Monica's drawing of myself:

And here is my drawing of Monica:

   I think it is interesting how the two contrast. I am definitely the more quick and rough sketcher here, and she is more deliberate and refined and just more patient, as I should learn to be. Ugh, I had her mouth almost perfect... and then I went and messed it up when I realized I had to erase and shift her whole face. Anyway, we will have to do this again! 
    I also sketched the mouse after I finished Monica, and she wanted me to sit still so she could draw my profile. 

    Oh and please say a quick prayer for me: I just found a scholarship due on the 31st, and I have to write the essay for it TOMORROW, and I have no idea what I am going to write about. It is for the American Chesterton Society... and so it has to be Chestertonish. Sigh, I am having difficulty finding a way to go to art school this Fall, and this scholarship could really make all the difference- I just wish I had found it sooner! I write about something that has to do with art, only I have no idea just what exactly. Oh well. Maybe my angel will do it for me!
"Idealism is only considering everything in its practical essence." -G.K. Chesterton 

Hehe, I almost feel like saying "St. GKC, pray for me." I mean, he's pretty much the pope after Tolkien isn't he?  Totally kidding of course. Or am I? Hmm.... 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 15th (I think), 2011: Hand Bones And A Death

So... today was boring for you guys. I for one thought it was nice: I got to talk to both Mimi and Ed today, and I got text from Anne (even though I don't have texting- which makes it quite exciting when it happens anyway). So much socializing! I feel spoiled.
   Ok, so I worked on my anatomy CDs... and I am DONE with the skeleton! Finally. Now we are moving on to the muscles.

    The hand bones. On a messy desk. But, after all, "An empty desk is the sign of an empty mind." I look to use that quite whenever I can.
     So my little sister was watching High School Musical- she loves that movie, and so was quite animated and adorable as she was watching it. If I give that movie credit for anything it's for making my little sis light up, and for coming up with the song that goes "It's hard to believe, that I couldn't see, that you were always there beside me," which I find rather catchy. Anyway, so I was going to sketch her little lit up face, and reached for the little drawing pad inside my adorable new modcloth purse that has roses all over it (I am rather proud of it). But everything inside my purse was soaking wet! I don't know why! It wasn't wet last night, and it's been hanging on the coat rack all day. But yeah, my lovely perfectly sized drawing pad is completely ruined. It didn't even have a chance to grow up. I didn't even get to write my name on it.
     And so I drew this little tribute. And the mouse is here with his trusty hanky. And there's me again, with the cute boots and the awesome hair.

 Rest in peace nameless drawing pad. At least my check book wasn't ruined in my purse flood.
       I would do another Illustration Friday this week, but the topic is "safari", and I think that sounds boring, and has too many warm colors. I am a rain person most of the time, and I do not want to deal with a bunch of yellows and oranges right now.
       How about some Chesterton:

"To be wrong, and to be carefully wrong, that is the definition of decadence." ~GKC: 'A Miscellany of Men.'

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14th, 2011: Yes I Have Been Busy! Ish.

   This painting is a commission I did for a friend, to be a graduation gift for another friend. So really, I was doing it for two friends- only, one got the painting, and the other did not. I will see what I can do for the paintingless friend in the future. ;)
   This painting is part of a style I seem to be developing: sketchy, impressionistic I suppose, and more contrasting. I like it. It's fun. I also actually really truly like this painting; which is odd, because I hardly ever like my work. It was rather painful to give up.

Hmm... how about another St. Therese quote I reread last night- I think it is rather perfect:

My joy I find in pain and loss,
I love the thorns that guard the rose;
With joy I kiss each heavy cross,
And smile with every tear that flows.
-St. Therese

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th, 2011: Illustration Friday

So I am starting something new- I am going to give a go at participating in Illustration Friday, where you doing a drawing based on the word of the week, and they post it every Friday. Now, I am not sure I will do this EVERY Friday, but it's new, and i can see it being handy on those far too frequently occurring days when I can't think of what to draw. I think it looks fun, and fun is good.

This week's word is Beginning. And so- tah dah!- I did another dragon..... I like dragons. I wanted to make the boy hobbit like, although I think his limbs turned out rather long, making him look a bit too tall for a hobbit. But I liked the way he looked, and so was too attached to erase and redo him. I had fun doing this one.

I love my dragon! And I like the boy- even if his hands are a bit big, which I just now noticed....

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
~C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th, 2011: DRAW SOMETHING!

   I know I haven't drawn much... and I do have some legit excuses... But, legit or not, I have not been drawing, and my heart is sad. And so this just burst out of me about 10 minutes ago while I was uploading pictures for my website, and listening to get 'er done music.... I will tape this somewhere like over my bed, so maybe I will awake with awareness of my heart's longing ache to draw. It's worth a try anyway. 

     I made it a little larger so you can read the Alice quote. Not sure how it relates to the whole idea, but some how I thought it fit the the sentiment.... 
     Maybe someday my hair will be that long and awesome......
     I want rain boots like those! And a little mouse with a kerchief when I cry. Where is Despereaux when you need him?! 
     You know, if this here mouse keeps making an appearance in my work, I will have to name him! Any ideas?