Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration for the Day

Two things.

1) I am not sure why I have been putting the date on my posts, seeing as they are already dated- and so I think that that will come to an end. "I swear on my pretty floral bonnet that I will end you.".... Sorry. (Firefly anyone?)

2) This post is awesome! as is that entire blog I might add. It's art related, and while that's not quite a sketch, it's well worth reading none the less. Besides, it has Johnny Cash in it, which makes my Southern heart proud. Anyways, it's on a subject that has been in my thoughts lately, and it's always good to find a kindred spirit on the matter. Nothing creates art like suffering. Amazing how good can come out of evil, almost as if there is more good as a result of evil sometimes. Man that must frustrate the devil!

No, Three things.

3) I am reading Harry Potter LIKE CRAZY! I will finish this series on time to see the last movie! Even if the darn books just get longer and longer as I go! (I think the ever growing size of the books is a cruel joke to make me fail. Maybe the books ARE magic!!)

3 again) No way! A 13th follower!? Two in three days!? God is good and yall are awesome!


  1. man, you're a brilliant artist. Glad you liked the post and HEY HEY HEY AWESOME CHESTERTON QUOTE!

  2. Why thank you! And thanks for following! You are number 14! (when you are young and small, a new follower REALLY stands out) :) I am honored. And yeah, sometimes I feel silly about all the Chesterton quotes, but silly in a good way.

  3. That's true. And when you have a bunch you just really, OCDishly want to get to nice round numbers and stay there. Would be interested in doing a drawing for me some time? I could trade you for a post...

  4. Sure! Always looking for such opportunities! And an interesting assignment, seeing as thinking up what to make next is sometimes the hardest part for me. Just let me know. :)