Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Art School Updates and New Blog

So, I know this blog basically doesn't exist anymore... I never post.

And I know you're used to excuses.

But my move to Nashville and start of art school was kind of a crash landing. It's been a long process of  regaining my balance since... especially after being sick.

So, I don't remember, to be honest, how much I've told you guys about this blog and it's beginnings... I initially started it to be a kind of companion. I was very sick with fibromyalgia, POTS, dysautonomia, EDS... so many things... the name depends on the specialists really.... Anyways, I basically stopped drawing, reading, or any activity really. It was a fight. I wanted something to help. Anything. This blog was something I used. It was a kind of desperate measure, thus the extremity of the URL name. (Heh, obviously I NEVER exaggerate...)

Anyway, that time has for the most part passed. I will probably always be sick, but I've fought like hell, quite honestly, and the worst seems to have passed. That, and my life and art school is making progress.

So I am wondering if I still need this blog? I started a newer one- one more clean and professional that I would send people to who don't know me and just want to see my work.

But I kinda like this one... it's got a certain what's-it? Spunk? Ridiculousness mixed with charm? Besides, it's where Edwin my mouse was conceived of, who I still illustrate and want to make a blog or even book for someday...

Do y'all want this blog to go on? I think I will leave it for now... we will see what happens...

In the mean time, here is the new one:

Here are some pieces from my past year at art school. Yes, I finished a whole year... with a 4.0 GPA no less ;)

Have mercy on the digital pieces... I never touched a computer for art before school. Although, I never thought I'd catch on to some things like I have, which is a relief.

Frodo Baggins birth announcement project for a typography class.

Quote Project for a typography class.

Project for a perspective class. Notice Edwin my mouse. :)

Another one for perspective class.

Project for perspective class.

My first Photoshop painting using brushes.

A project for Adobe Illustrator class.

Project using Adobe Illustrator.

Logo for a graphic design class.

corporate stationery for a graphic design class.

Part of a menu project using Adobe Illustrator.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Bit of Decorating and Shoes!

So I am still here and still working and still not making much art... but, my health is always improving, I think, and I think I may ACTUALLY GO TO SCHOOL THIS FALL!!!! ... at least part time. I think I will just burst into tears the day I actually go and actually attend classes... I really think I will have a bittersweet breakdown to some degree. My roommates say we will party.

In the mean time, I did this:

... For our little dining room. The lighting and glare of this is something nasty... but, I think you get the idea. It's not done yet... I want to obliterate a few of the leafy things, and add a few more closer up, and incase you didn't notice there aren't really any tree branches....

And I did these:

For a lady in my etsy store.

So... other than a few things like bones in the hand... this is it.


But. I think I am in the right place heading the right direction. I really do.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey :)

Hey guys!

I really really REALLY am alive still! Very much so.

I've moved to Nashville and I work with toddlers just waiting for the day I am go to art school. I don't have internet and my job keeps me exhausted- but that's ok, because I am making money and getting established in a growing artsy area with lovely lovely roommates.

So things are good. I have pictures of some art projects, etc, to post, but I don't have my camera with me at the moment.

So working hard with no internet plus 2 months of bronchitis equals not much blog updating. But I just got a lovely little message/comment that encouraged me very very much, so I am telling you that I am well, and in a sense, much closer to any dreams of some kind of art career.

I am also learning Japanese when I can find the resources (limited internet makes that challenging as well.) No, seriously, I am serious about this.

Anyways, I DO think of and miss you guys and this blog and networking and all that. But wonderful things are happening in my life, and I am sure that it is going to lead somewhere in the end.

God bless you guys!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update :)

So, I am still alive. Funny how I start out my posts that way now.

But for real. This time, there is a real update that is worth something:

I've moved to Nashville! I have amazing roommates, a job, and it all seems to be working out. I have no idea about art school yet (still waiting for financial aid) but this is a huge step to get me going again. I needed this badly, so this is very good.

It came up VERY suddenly, and the past month trying to move in and find a job was absolute chaos; but yet, it has worked out so much better than any other endeavor I have meticulously planned the past few years. Yeah. Chaotically peaceful, and I am oddly calm. I guess there is something to this idea of God's timing... yeah, He's pretty amazing, "let's just be honest," to quote one of my lovely roomies.

You guys have been so patient. The past few years have been so hard... I have had health issues, money issues, people issues... and I was caught in so many ruts, just kind of becoming actually part of my tiny bedroom, like a ghost, or that decrepit old lady in Great Expectations. I needed this.

Hopefully I can become more disciplined, motivated, hopeful, etc, now that I am out playing grown-up. I am so glad to just be moving at all, I don't really care what happens. God knows.

So I may be back and making art for you to see here again soon! I really believe things are going to start happening for me. So much has in just one month. Someone Up There is up to something.

Pray for me and I'll pray for you. <3 I start my new job soon and I have the jitters.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall is coming and I am alive.

Hey guys.

Yeah, I'm still alive. :)

I'm fighting again to get into art school, but in the mean time, it's almost Fall! A lil drawing to celebrate. Guest starring Mouse and Spider.

"Target Practice" made with a Bic Atlantis pen.
A kid using the falling leaves for practice with his "sword." Struck me as amusing, and it was fun. I love using my ink pen. It's kinda a sentimental thing for me. Maybe because I used it so much for drawing pictures in-between note-taking during class? Not sure. (But, I DID take notes. My friends would tell you I took more notes than anyone- and STILL had time to draw somehow.)

I hope you guys are doing well. I am doing pretty well myself. My hands are still giving me trouble, but, I think my health has really improved this summer. I have lots of hope for getting back into school soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sketchbook Tour

I decided to do a little sketchbook tour of what I have in my current sketchbook. It's.... a bit scary actually. But, I know I love spying on other's sketchbooks, so, I am going to indulge you. A bit. I won't show EVERYTHING... my camera is less than ideal, and I do want to sleep some tonight. But I will let you have a bit of a peek- consider yourself highly favored. Maybe I will do this again down the road, and I pray you (and I) will detect something resembling improvement. :)

Well, apparently I can't just group them all together..... This could be special. This is going to be a very looooooooooooooooooooonnnnnngggggggggggg post.
Sometimes I tape reference photos inside to work on from time to time

Bright Star cover.. and my own critique notes...
Apparently the photos have a mind of their own in regards to their placement? Sigh... so annoying. Is it just me? Yeah.. it's gotta be me.
Princess Out of Bed plans..

I can put words here! Interesting.
A bit of Last Airbender there. I LOVE that show so very much!

"Mummy" drawing around the form.
Maybe in the future, both my drawing AND my blogging layout skills will be better. Reach for the stars, Mary!
Been practicing a bit of anime style lately...

Balsa from Moribito:Guardian of the Spirit... Such a good anime and novel. :)

<-- This area looks awkward. 

More words! Oh blogger you are so accommodating.
A kind of gesture drawing of Eliza Dolittle while watching My Fair Lady.

Contour practice.

A quick Dr. Who fandom.

Not my original design... and I cannot find where it came from! Grr.

Drawn outside in nature. I felt very... refined doing it? There was a baby deer behind me.

More nature!
It's like I am playing tag with where I can figure out I can put words...

From a book cover at work (the library) during lunch break. 
More words? Huh. This looks awful. 
Boring but important quick gesture drawings.

There you have it. It's late, and I am tired, but I am glad to share this. I really need to start a new painting project or something, and not JUST sketch around. 

Maybe the next tour will be amazing.

Still crossing my fingers about art school this Fall. My financial aid with all it's power to give and take has not arrived yet... Waiting waiting waiting.

God bless!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still Here, Still Fighting

... Don't worry your pretty little faces, I am still here. I have been out of town, had my life put on hold by a stomach flu, etc. I am thiiiisss close to going to my local university to get my bachelors of fine art with a concentration in graphic design, and maybe a minor in creative writing. I have been emailing and calling and emailing about financial aid, a living situation, etc. So far I have next to no answers, but I have hope! I am so so close! No, this school is not my IDEAL art school, but at this point I think being strong means taking what I can get, and if it weren't for the fact that I may have to commute an hour one way everyday at first, I would be very happy. With my health issues, I know that's gonna be tough, but I don't really know how to give up on this, so, I will keep fighting.
      I just wish I could keep up with this blog in the mean time. I am trying my best to draw in-between all this madness, but I am not producing much that's worthy to put on here, to be perfectly honest. Mostly anatomy tutorials and gesture drawings, etc.
    But if you only knew! I have classes coming up soon! Classes! As in, I will have something to work on! Something to make me feel like I am making progress! I have been kind of stuck at home with health issues for two years now, feeling like I am getting nowhere. But, this lil artist still loves her art, and she isn't beaten yet. She has this foolish tendency to be obnoxious enough to have the audacity to keep going.
     Oh, yes, I get frustrated with the seemingly impossible task of finding money and a job and a living situation, but I can't help but hope that it's all getting very close now. Something is coming. Even if it takes its time arriving, whatever it is, I will always be here, and I am always looking for a way to do what I believe I should.
    I am so excited! Wish me luck, and of course, pray for me as I pray for you. You must be the most patient followers, and I do appreciate you. Very much.

      Oh, and I am working on a story for Mouse and Dragon, and maybe Spider (Mouse is a kind of regular on my blog, when I actually blog, for those of you who don't know. Dragon and Spider aren't so much, but I love dragons, so, there you have it.) I have always thought they needed a story, and proper names, so now I am slowly slowly fabricating a world for them. I have no idea when it will be done, but if anything, I hope to finish something that I can at least illustrate a few scenes from someday.  

        For a bit of added inspiration, here is an amazing speech given by Neil Gaiman on the making of art. Especially if you are an artist of some sort, click on this link. Keep making good art, no matter what.