Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th, 2011: Two posts in ONE Morning!.....

...... but does that make up for not posting much at all for the past two months (or who am I kidding- the entire time I've had this blog)? Hardly, but I am trying.
    Ok! Two things that are rather momentous for me!

1) Someone bought a print from  My Zazzle Store that I do not know! At least, I don't know who you are yet- if you are a friend don't tell me: I am rejoicing in the fact that this may have been a stranger.

2) I have a 12th follower that I do not believe I know, or that someone I know knows! I think number 12 may be the first unknown follower that I have acquired so far- thank you number 12!

Let's rejoice with a bit of Hot Kool Aid!

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