Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th: Mermaid Nearly Killed

So I got back from an absolutely lovely girly time with my friend over the weekend. I inked in my Little Mermaid picture, and I nearly killed her. Yes, is is a rather darker sad story, but I did not intend for such gloom as this. I do like it, but it's not the completely sweet suffering little mermaid I had pictured. Heh, I think I did FAR too many ink washes, the many layers seemed to get a biiit chalky. But anyway, it's been a year or so since I did a pen and ink, and I do miss it. Hopefully I will keep with it and get back into practice with it.

Again, not what I had planned, but maybe I simply do not have the control over ink to get the result I wanted. She doesn't have the ink black hair and pale skin I wanted. She's not delicate enough. She looks slightly mischievous or threatening than she should.  Heh, I mean, I haven't done this in a year... of course I want it to be PERFECT. What else would a sane person expect? I do like  how that bit of tail fins look....
     By the way, I have just discovered Jeeves and Wooster. Life now has a whole new meaning. I say, I'm rather dashed! Whato whato whato! I say! I feel rather blitheringly tired! Tootle pip!


  1. Ahhhhh I love the Toothless and Hiccup sketch on the header!!! ^_^ Aaaand the Chesterton quote. ^_^ And actually, I love all the quotes you've posted. ;D

    Haha!!! Aren't the Jeeves and Wooster books hysterical? :D Very lovely drawings, old top. ;) :D Although wouldn't you say it's about time you knocked another one off? ;)

  2. Thanks so much! I have to say, I've had so much fun just goofing off on this here blog. And I haven't read the books yet, just seen some of the tv series. But don't worry, I WILL be reading the books. ;)
    I know! Sigh... I will try HARD to get one up today. I got a ton of extra hours of work, which is good, but it's made me crazy busy. Plus I got sick, so, yeah, seems like everything was working against me. :P Thanks for the reminder/pressure though! Top form old thing!

  3. Heh, sometimes the Jeeves and Wooster way of thinking reminds me of the hares in Redwall.

  4. You're welcome! Haha!! Well, *I* have to say that it's marvelous. ;D
    *gasp* I'll be dashed! ;) You haven't read the books? Fair enough I suppose-I haven't watched the TV series. ;) But my brother Eddie (who is home for spring break! Huzzah!!! ^_^ )(and actually...he knows you :) ) plans to change that. ;)
    Awww...are you better now? Hehe, anytime, old hat! :D Your drawings are, as always, slap on the button and leading by a length in the final furlong. ;D

  5. You're Ed's sister!? Ah! Now I'll be dashed! But you can watch episodes of Jeeves and Wooster on youtube, if that helps. :)

  6. Heh, yes, the young reprobate is my brother. ^_^ Thanks! But we got the whole thing ( :o ) from the library. *grins*