Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd, 2011: Passion Painting

Today I spent hours working on this painting for a priest friend of mine. It features the Passion, with the Divine Mercy rays coming from Christ's side, St. Augustine, and Mary holding St. Margaret of Cortona. It is for a group similar to Rachel's Vineyard, and is focused on helping single and post abortion mothers. The theme of course is chastity, seeing as St. Augustine and St. Margaret are saints who struggled in that area especially. This painting has taken me FOREVER. MONTHS. That's mainly because I had such a hard time painting Christ the way I wanted, especially with painting Christ's face. It is STILL not what I want, of course, but at least it exists FINALLY. You have NO idea how I have fought with this painting! Another thing you should know is that it is only about 1/2 to 3/3 finished, because I plan to add color next. That will be so fun after struggling so much with the faces. I painted it black and white at first so I wouldn't have to fight with color at the same time I was fighting with the figures. I plan to add color mostly in transparent washes, but I will paint over the black and white completely a little bit. So here it is!

Below are some detail images:

I'm not sure If I will post anything else tonight... this wore me out! Heh, I came down stairs and the family tells me I have paint on my face. My sister says it is war paint-- I feel like I've been fighting! And oh my goodness it's super time!? When did that happen? Oh well, I spose that means I'm another day closer to my little trip and seeing my friends. :)


  1. W.O.W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is seriously awe-inspiring!!!!!! =O I simply love it!! =D =D

    and, you posted again!! Happiness! ....all you artist types seem to update your blogs soooo irregularly, even with laudable goals like the one you have. ;) XD

    =) CM

  2. Hehe... yes, I did post. :) I worked so hard on this today that I wanted to include it, even if it's not technically a drawing. :P Hehe, and do we? I kinda like that- artistically romantically irregular... (or just lazy, or just lacking that spark of creativity. Probably both.) And in my little side bar I did say post a drawing everyday "more or less." ;) Left meself some room there. You have to read it carefully.

  3. Ok, so I clicked on your profile, and that quote about your location and "You'd be knowin the answer to that, Squire!"... is that from The Quiet Man miss Cor Mariae? Sounds like something the Squire's side kick in that movie would say.....

  4. Hello! I came here by way of your Deviantart gallery by way of the Fairy Tale novels forum, and I will definitely be coming back often!

    This is absolutely awesome. I love putting saints that are thematically rather than chronologically linked together, and the way you did Margaret of Cortona is wonderful- huddled to Mary like a child but looking at Christ... wow.

  5. Thanks so much Mary! I did like how St. Margaret turned out! I was especially pleased with her face. I am still wrestling with St. Augustine, but maybe he'll turn out in the end. Stop by any time. :)

  6. This is absolutely amaaaaaazing. :) *is speechless*

    And since CM (my twin) didn't answer you, yes it is from the Quiet Man. ;D

  7. oh! sorry!!

    yeah I've always loved that line...so I had to put it somewhere. XD

    I think you know this but it never hurts to check: you do know Christina and I are the sisters of Ed who was with you in europe, right? =)