Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18th, 2011: Flowers are EVERYWHERE.... more or less

So... I was sick all night, the plans for my day were out the window, and I moped around the house sick all day. So I drew some flowers, and an obnoxiously happy little painting.
     The first is a t-shirt design I did to help out the Little Flowers, a household I joined while at Franciscan University. The second is the obnoxious one. Take that depression and icky feelings! Take the flowers and sunshine and yellows and pinks!! (I  don't really care for too much yellows and pinks, just so you know, so them IS fighting words for me)

So that is my happy picture with the pinks and yellows. It did make me feel better. Even if it IS pink.....


  1. that little flower banner is sooooooo prettyful!!!! =O =O =D

    and I think your happy picture is cute. XD

  2. Little Flowers banner is epic (definitely better than the cookies they bake :P), but shame on the little girl with her midriff showing! :P And ugh! It's so happy, I can't even be depressed here in the library with all them pinks and yellows! Blech!