Friday, September 2, 2011

A Bit of Nonsense Really

   In the past week there have been reports by one sibling (ONE sibling mind you) that there is mouse in the house. I for one don't mind- we live in an old house, so it's only right and decent to have one if you ask me! Anyway, while no one else, not even Brenna the kitty, has seen a trace of this mouse, it did, erm, inspire me. If this bit of nonsense even deserves the word "inspiration." Funny, I am working on an respectable  painting of monumental proportions, and I feel more accomplished by this mouse balderdash than I do something like my painting.
    Yes, I did use my Mac Dictionary/Thesaurus for a few of those words. But hey, maybe I learn a bit of nomenclature that way.
     In any case, I haven't written any rhymes since I was little- and even then it was no deluging amount. The only things with which I've provided such quantities to this earth are all those horse drawings I did when I was little. Hundreds I tell you! Thousands!
    As it were, so to say, the point is, it has been awhile, and I've not done much- so be merciful. I was rather thrilled when this burst out of me, and I only hope it makes some sense.

There's a Mouse in the House!

Grab your shoes! Grab your mop!
Cover your feet, don't ever stop!
There's a mouse in the house there's a mouse in the house!
It'll nibble at your toes, and away they goes!
Over the hills, or far away?
You'll never know, 'cause you'll have to stay.
Unable to move, that's how you'll pay, 
For not keeping your little toes at bay!

There you have it. Exceptionally sensational, is it not? I even illustrated it:

   Now, just why the mouse is holding a tack, I am not positive. I just wanted him to have a weapon, and it seemed to me that a mouse might heft a tack.                                         


  1. BWAHAHAHA!!!! oh my goodness. Brilliant from beginning to end---and I love the perspective of the drawing. XD ^_^

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