Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Artwork Executed

    It is done- my St. Therese painting that I have been so excited about. It was accomplished rather briskly for me, seeing as it is larger than 16 by 20 inches, and I hardly ever paint something even that sizable.
"No One Bothering to Catch It"

     I thought of this painting one night when I was rereading for at least the 15th time a section of The Story of a Soul. I was from chapter five, the chapter about the Christmas that changed everything:

I enjoyed painting this dress!

"As I closed my Missal after Mass one Sunday, a picture of the Crucifixion slipped out a little way, and I could just see one of the wounds in Our Lord's hands, with blood flowing from it. A strange new thrill passed over me. It pierced my heart with sorrow to see His Precious Blood falling, with not one bothering to catch it, and I made up my mind, there and then, to stay in spirit at the foot of the Cross, to gather up the dew of heavenly life and give it to others."
                         -St. Therese <3

It is also roughly based on the idea St. Therese would speak of, about letting fall a shower of roses from heaven. Thus the reason for the blood falling as roses (at least, that was what I was going for.)
Yes. These were a PAIN-lovely as roses are.
     This idea is also in this post from a few months ago, with the blood turning into roses. I almost said "transfigured" into roses, but I don't believe that would be accurate: some might think blood to roses is a change for the better, this is Christ's blood- it is far more beautiful than a garden of roses.
    That was one of those things you don't plan on posting, but just think of sporadically as you are writing. In fact, I hadn't thought of that before, not even when painting these two paintings. Interesting.
   I am going to share a St. Therese quote that I do NOT like. It is something that I find hard, and that I'd rather not be reminded of. I have to fight little, annoying, and slightly vicious thoughts when I read it or here it:

 "If I did not simply suffer from one moment to another, it would be impossible for me to be patient; but I look only at the present moment, forget the past, and I take good care not to forestall the future. When we yield to discouragement or despair it is usually because we give too much thought to the past and to the future. "-St. Therese of Lisieux


  1. Beautiful work, Mary!!! The roses are pain-stakingly wonderful!!! The best I've seen you do, I believe. Oh, btw, Beloved First Truth was seated next to Little Flowers during the household fair yesterday. ^_^ St. Therese, roses, St. Catherine of Siena, the Precious Blood. Yeah! B-)

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  3. Your artwork is so incredible! Just wonderful!