Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting in Progress Pt. 2

   I decided to go ahead and post a quick preview of my painting before I leave for work. 

I decided to do this because I think that unfinished work has a charm of its own- and this painting in particular at this point has that. Although, I won't show you the whole thing, so, perhaps the charm is a bit diminished here (or maybe it was all in my head in the first place).

         I have to run to work now- I hope I can finish this soon! Although, I may be sorry when it is done as I do not have another painting in my head yet.... Hmm... I will have to think on it.

Here is a quote by our Pope from a speech that I understand he just presented in Madrid, Spain:

"Dear friends, may no adversity paralyze you. Be afraid neither of the world, nor of the future, nor of your weakness. The Lord has allowed you to live in this moment of history so that, by your faith, his name will continue to resound throughout the world."
~Pope Benedict XVI, homily for World Youth Day, August 2011

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