Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update :)

So, I am still alive. Funny how I start out my posts that way now.

But for real. This time, there is a real update that is worth something:

I've moved to Nashville! I have amazing roommates, a job, and it all seems to be working out. I have no idea about art school yet (still waiting for financial aid) but this is a huge step to get me going again. I needed this badly, so this is very good.

It came up VERY suddenly, and the past month trying to move in and find a job was absolute chaos; but yet, it has worked out so much better than any other endeavor I have meticulously planned the past few years. Yeah. Chaotically peaceful, and I am oddly calm. I guess there is something to this idea of God's timing... yeah, He's pretty amazing, "let's just be honest," to quote one of my lovely roomies.

You guys have been so patient. The past few years have been so hard... I have had health issues, money issues, people issues... and I was caught in so many ruts, just kind of becoming actually part of my tiny bedroom, like a ghost, or that decrepit old lady in Great Expectations. I needed this.

Hopefully I can become more disciplined, motivated, hopeful, etc, now that I am out playing grown-up. I am so glad to just be moving at all, I don't really care what happens. God knows.

So I may be back and making art for you to see here again soon! I really believe things are going to start happening for me. So much has in just one month. Someone Up There is up to something.

Pray for me and I'll pray for you. <3 I start my new job soon and I have the jitters.


  1. I saw the title of your blog elsewhere and was intrigued. Followed the link here and wow! I hope that you're still chasing your dream because these drawings are absolutely beautiful. May God be praised and you be blessed by this talent!

    In Him,


  2. Hello and thank you so so soooo much! I miss this blog so much, and this was so encouraging. :) Hopefully I will get internet and start updating again soon!

    No worries, I have in NO way given up any art related dreams. I don't think that's possible. :)