Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Drawing A Day?

How about a drawing a week? At least. It's time for excuses. 1) I have, erm, health issues (dysautonomia and POTS mainly) that sometimes makes it difficult to not just produce art but get around to posting it online, and 2) I have been doing mainly anatomy lessons, etc, and that's just boring for y'all. But here is proof that I am still alive and drawing something:
Drawn from Matthew Archambault's Portrait DVD

It's not much. But it is good for me. Sometimes it is fun- but most of it is just discovering what I don't know, rediscovering what I do know, and relearning how to do things... like how I go about drawing faces or moving my arm, etc. Fun, but no fun. Mostly boring.

What wasn't boring was my visit to Franciscan University this past weekend (my old and much missed school). I was able to receive much needed hugs and affirmations, and have some wonderful conversations with my lovely friends. I think a refresher like that is good for a person- even for art. One does have to be able to breathe you know.

So yes, it was wonderful. Even if my credit card was stolen when I failed to keep it with me during Mass.... Yeah, I love my school dearly, but I spose no place is perfect. Oh well. After my travels in Europe, I am just glad there was a computer near by to look up my bank's number, and english speaking people to communicate with. Just goes to show that God looks out for me, even if He does allow me to learn things the hard way.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    (learned it was from the Ink and Fairydust forum)

    Stolen credit card? Oh dear! Hope you got it blacked in good time. Anatomy study is good. I could use some of it.

  2. Oh thank you! I thought about doing a post about my bday, but, I don't know, just couldn't figure out a tactful way to do it. ;) And my goodess! I need to get back on that forum! Oh me!

    Yeah, I went to buy lunch right after Mass, so, I figured out it was gone and blocked fairly quickly. I don't think it was used. Thank goodness!