Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th, 2011: DRAW SOMETHING!

   I know I haven't drawn much... and I do have some legit excuses... But, legit or not, I have not been drawing, and my heart is sad. And so this just burst out of me about 10 minutes ago while I was uploading pictures for my website, and listening to get 'er done music.... I will tape this somewhere like over my bed, so maybe I will awake with awareness of my heart's longing ache to draw. It's worth a try anyway. 

     I made it a little larger so you can read the Alice quote. Not sure how it relates to the whole idea, but some how I thought it fit the the sentiment.... 
     Maybe someday my hair will be that long and awesome......
     I want rain boots like those! And a little mouse with a kerchief when I cry. Where is Despereaux when you need him?! 
     You know, if this here mouse keeps making an appearance in my work, I will have to name him! Any ideas?

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