Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th, 2011: Passion Week

Well, this week is Passion Week... one of my favorite weeks of the year, if not my favorite of all. Out of all this week, I think that Thursday night and Good Friday are my favorite times. Side note: I was in Ireland last year during Holy Week. On Holy Thursday evening, I went for a walk by myself to an old broken down church and grave yard (it was the closest thing to going to church available... and besides, I was surrounded by celtic crosses <3 ), and for Good Friday we were in Killarney at the Franciscan Church... anyways, I love Holy Week and I love Ireland and the two remind me of each other, which is very bittersweet.
 So tonight I was wanting to get into the Holy Week spirit, and so I put in the Passion of the Christ soundtrack, and just drew in the time slot I had available. It's very rough- as usual. It reminds me of the Turin and Beleg picture I drew...  Anyways, I have a very special devotion to the Agony in the Garden, and I tend to want to sketch drawings like this a lot....

For some reason I am having the hardest time getting the scanner to come up with an accurate image. The face I drew looks so different in person... oh well. Oh computers... they will be the death of me. 
    I did a drawing of the Agony in the Garden last year when I was studying in Austria. I wanted to post that tonight, but I don't exactly know where it is at the moment... I will have to find it and post it later. 
    And once again, St. Therese has the quote of the day. I have been rereading Story of a Soul, as well as reading The Sadness of Christ by St. Thomas More for Lent. I will have to try to find some good quotes from the latter- it is an AMAZING book!
"He wants me to love Him because He has forgiven me, not much, but everything. He did not wait for me to love Him with a great love... but made me see that He had loved me first, with an infinite providence, so that now I may love Him in return even unto folly" St. Therese

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