Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th: Sketchings on a Newspaper and a Bit of Anime

So, drawing one: I am left at church on Sunday for about 35 minutes. It is raining and so I go back inside and decide to sketch the statues of St. Michael and the Child Jesus, and the stained glass window of the crucifixion. I didn't have any paper or pencils, so I borrowed a pen and an old newspaper.  It was a bit challenging to draw standing up.

The second drawing has a picture I drew of a girl at the computers at the library where I work, and a small portion of James Patterson's Maximum Ride graphic novel. I got impatient with the girl at the computer rather quickly; she kept squirming and giggling with the girl next door to her. I am  not quick enough to draw squirming children yet. So, I thought I'd give a go at some anime. I usually have no patience for it. I like to be sketchy, and it's hard to make anime look decent without drawing cleaner lines than I want to make time to do. At least, I haven't figured out how to do it any other way yet.

I want an art quote for the day.... hmm...... How about "Bad artists always admire each other's work." - Oscar Wilde. Ha! I mean, oops! I mean, what? (what part of that applies to me? Hmm... makes wonder if he's wrong, or if he's right and is talking to me.) So, if I try hard to admire the BEST artwork there EVER was, would I automatically wake up a better artist tomorrow morning? It's worth a try.


  1. They have computers at your library? AND anime?!? o.O

  2. A wee bit. :P Of both. They come and go.

  3. that is a funny quote XD but I don't think it's very true. =P


    I love how you sketched on "the wanderer"---Dad loves that newspaper... ;D

  4. Yes, I don't entirely agree myself with Mr. Wilde, but he is so very amusing! And yeah, we had that newspaper at the church.. and it was an older issue, so I took it. :P