Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th: Turin Kills Beleg

    Today is a bit more somber than the princesses and dragons and mermaids thus far. I decided to get out one of my favorite books, Children of Hurin by Tolkien, and draw one of my favorite scenes from it. I love Beleg, and I almost cried the first time I read his death scene. (Warning: do not EVER grow to love any of Tolkien's characters from The Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, etc. He will kill everyone off, as he did my favorite, Beleg Cuthalion.) This is a rather rough quick sketch, and I am not happy with Turin's closer arm that's holding Anglachel. The foreshortening is rather pitiful. In fact, it is pitiful everywhere else too. Just goes to show again that drawing from life is so much better for natural looking results; but, one doesn't always have that option. But I DREW today! Maybe I should have practiced piano, considering I have a lesson on Monday that I am NOT ready for, but still! I drew! And I am over all pleased with the overall feeling of the sketch.

        "Beleg drew his sword Anglachel, and with it he cut the fetters that bound Turin; but fate that day was more strong, for the blade of Eol the Dark Elf slipped in his hand, and pricked Turin's foot.
        Then Turin was roused into a sudden wakefulness of rage and fear, and seeing a form bending over him in the gloom with a naked blade in hand he leapt up with a great cry, believing Orcs were come again to torment him; and grappling with him in the darkness he seized Anglachel, and slew Beleg Cuthalion thinking him a foe.
        But as he stood, finding himself free, and ready to sell his life dearly against imagined foes, there came a flash of lightning above them, and in its light he looked down on Beleg's face. Then Turin stood stonestill and silent, staring on that dreadful death, knowing what he had done; and so terrible was his face, lit by the lightning that flickered all about them, that Gwindor cowered down upon the ground and dared not raise his eyes."

      Poor Turin. Beheading his best friend who had suffered so much to save him was only the beginning of his troubles.

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